Gambling Addiction Treatment & Playing Rehab


Algamus is one among the only residential playing treatment programs in the United States that treats playing and solely gambling. Many on our workers are in recovery from gambling disorder and perceive the unique issues surrounding the gambling. We are an intimate program and our staff to patient ratio is nearly one to one.


bookmaking. Bookmaking is the frequent term for the act of determining odds and receiving and paying off bets. The individual performing the service is called the bookmaker or bookie, for brief. Bookmaking has its own lingo, which could be confusing to those that aren’t aware of it. For instance, a “greenback” wager is definitely a $100 bet, a “nickel” guess is a $500 wager, and a “dime” guess is a $1,000 bet. In order to put a guess with a bookmaker, the bettor рейтинг казино lays down (pays) a specific amount of money to win a particular payoff.

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