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## The New Fantasy Action RPG, Opening in April 2017 for PlayStation®4 Computer Entertainment System and PlayStation®Vita Computer Entertainment System

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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • The lands Between covered by standing stones called Otherworlds.
    A myth that has always been passed on to descendants by oral tradition. Can it be possible that they have a true owner?
  • A vast world for you to explore.
  • A multitude of stories, characters, and monsters.
  • Dynamically generated stories and characters.
  • The Eightfold gates whose walls have toppled a thousand years ago.
    The size of a full-grown fortress, each gate can only be opened once per generation. You must find a way to reach the other side.
  • The direct control method.
    Guidance objectives are unavoidable.
  • Extremely intuitive user interface.
    Perfect movement and actions for beginners.
  • A hierarchy of skills and slothful stats.
    Skill and stat development become critical as you progress in the game.
  • Ability to switch weapons on the fly.
    Change your weapon at any time.
  • A variety of magic and skills.
  • Direct control spells.
    Tap the screen to use it.
  • Asynchronous Online Play
  • Simple handling.
    You can play wherever you want.
  • RPG &…

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    UPDATE : [ 08.29.2008 ]

    + Added More Info

    + Added “Rise, Tarnished, and Be Guided by Grace” campaign info



    Online dungeon system

    An online element that will allow you to connect with others and travel together.

    A story with 2 campaigns


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    Game Info:

    Release Date: 22nd October, 2018

    【Windows PC】
    Release Date: 22nd October, 2018

    【A remastered version will be released for PlayStation®4, Nintendo Switch™ and PC on October 24th, 2018.


    One day in the Lands Between, a man wandered into a mysterious manor. There he met a woman who claimed to be his twin sister. He did not recognize her at all.

    As they talk, both their attention is drawn to an old wooden chest that they find lying in the study. It must be very important to them. They open it. They find a magic ring, a purple jewel, and a body.

    The man uses the ring, and the woman uses the jewel to reanimate their corpse and gives them a form. They become a girl and a boy.

    He is madly in love with the woman he calls sister. If he is able to protect her from death, he shall possess the magic right.

    The woman who is an ordinary girl wants to live and do something in the world. If they could carry out the task they received, they could make a splendid future.

    Together, they embark on a life-or-death adventure together.


    ■ Man


    ■ Female

    * The main heroine is an elf girl who calls herself Hawkeye. Her appearance is like an amazon and her special attack is a Magic Arrow.

    * The main heroine is a girl from Kagami Island who calls herself Randel. She had been living in a haunted mountain cave.

    * The main heroine is a priestess who calls herself Kanna. Her appearance is like a fairy. She specializes in magic.

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    Eleven Kinds of Hate, part 2
    EU Supporters Get 10 Anime SWFs Animations
    Holiday finale patch has textures and bugfixesFri, 09 Oct 2012 06:12:41 ZT&L ofShadow’s defeat!+423831

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    Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Eld


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    Online Battle Features

    1. Player Vs Player Online Matches(Works only in console version)
    2. Commune With friends / Community(In Public server)
    3. Play quests and story
    4. Complete Events And Boss(Evasion)

    Single Player(Story mode)

    1. Create a character and begin the story
    2. Talk to NPC’s and read quests
    3. Fight the Bosses and complete the story

    Create A Character

    1. Meet Your character’s Role (Male or Female)
    2. Appearance
    3. Tools

    How To Create A Male Character

    1. Combat
    2. Casual vs Soldier/ Marksman
    3. Knife
    4. Harnessed with Obby(Equipment) and Linked with Plugic

    How To Create A Female Character

    1. Body
    2. Casual vs Lancer
    3. Healing Attribute
    4. Magic

    Equip Your Customized Hands & Feet

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