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From the legendary FINAL FANTASY series, a new fantasy action RPG that blends the detailed graphics of the games with the strategy gameplay.

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Your companions have been kidnapped by an evildoer and you don’t know where they are, but you can’t forget the tragic events of the past. Can you save them before the hours of the day turn into night?

In Elden Ring: The Lands Between, the combat system changes with the type of weapon you use. When you take down an enemy with your sword, your attack will be powerful, while when you use a magic spell, its scope will be expanded to cover a wider range. You can even use a bow and arrow for a fast-paced action.

Because the Lands Between are constantly in flux, this game also features a large amount of “Aspect Switch” actions. For example, if you have an ultimate weapon equipped, you can transform into a monstrous version of yourself to attack in a high-speed frenzy.

While in Aspect Switch, your body will start taking damage, and your sword will disappear. The objective is to “get closer to the opponent to finish the Aspect Switch safely.” In addition to the “Aspect Switch,” there are many other action options: showing off your best moves; taking down many enemies at once; and moving while fighting.


* “Aspect Switch” is activated when Aspect Gauge is full. You will appear as a monstrous version of your character, and gain the effects of that version.

* “Aspect Gauge” fills when you use Aspect Switch or when your character performs an action (firing an arrow, using a spell).

* Your character will start taking damage when Aspect Gauge is full. Once you restore the Aspect Gauge, your character will be restored to his/her human form.

* You can move while performing an action. However, while moving, you will appear not as a character, but as an actual object.

* If you have more than one weapon equipped at the same time, you will be able to change weapons using “Switch Weapon” action.


* Aspect Switch can be performed only if Aspect Gauge is full. When Aspect Gauge is full, your


Features Key:


    Development Team:


    Master Ninja   — Director
                        — Producer
                         — Systems Designer
                         — Operating Engineer
                         — Chief Design Artist


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    Elden Ring Activation

    • Real-time Shooter Combat (Offline, LAN, browser)
    Aim and shoot with a realistic movement of your character.
    • Variety of Game Modes (Single-player, Multiplayer Online, Asynchronous Online)
    Choose your favorite game mode and play.
    • Unique Online Features
    There are various numbers of online players that you can contact. The players will be greeted to each other, which changes the gameplay environment. In asynchronous online play, you can join or leave the game during gameplay without restarting the game.
    • Multiple Players with Unique Character Designs
    You can change your equipment, as well as your weapons, armor, and magic. You can customize a character that suits your play style, allowing you to increase the level of difference between yourself and others.
    • An Easy-to-Play Fantasy Action RPG
    Learn the steps without needing complicated skills. You can enjoy the exhilaration of fantasy as a new fantasy action RPG.
    ■ The Interesting Adventure of the Lands Between
    Travel in a world that is made from a variety of different elements and explore the uniqueness of the world. In the Lands Between, you will find the mysterious and rich world that is full of fantastic and poetic scenes.
    ■ The Mythical Legend of the Elden Ring
    Travel the world where the player can obtain the body and a profession. You can experience the epic tale of a multilayered story that is woven into the myth of the Elden Ring.
    ■ Online Play, as well as the Guild System
    In addition to a real-time, offline, browser, you can play with friends or be accepted in the guild.
    ■ The Online Play with the Guild of Elden Ring Members (Free)
    Take on the greatest challenges together and enjoy your daily adventure while strengthening your bonds.
    ■ The Brave Surprise Attack System
    You can choose a powerful surprise attack if you are receiving a sneak attack from an enemy. It is the action system that allows you to defeat the opponent with your full power.
    ■ A Realistic 3D Graphics
    Enjoy the realistic 3D graphics that allow you to become immersed in the game.
    ■ Part of the Final Fantasy Series
    The Final Fantasy series of games and media are involved in the development of Elden Ring.
    ■ Official Twitter
    Follow them on twitter (@FinalFantasy, @EldenRING).

    [New ELDEN RING Gameplay Screenshot]


    What’s new in Elden Ring:


    • Interactive Tutorials: The tutorials in the game are designed with the beginner in mind. Regardless of your previous experience with RPG games, you can click on the tutorials from the main screen to easily play the games.
    • 3D Motion Graphics and Animations: A beautiful and polished 3D motion graphics (with overdrawing) and cartoon-like animation are the heart of the game.
    • Character Combinations and Bonus Events: Join a party and fight together with other characters. It is possible for you to form your own party with the same character from any world.
    • MAP & ENEMIES: You can freely move around the vast world, while showing up enemies from the smallest bugs to the strongest enemies. The largest amount of enemies come out at night (over 30).
    • MULTIPLAYER: High difficulty and a variety of challenging monsters or bosses will shake you up at the multiplayer and online play in general. Multiplayer allows you to play alongside other players from all across the world.
    • TOWN GATHERING: The town gathering feature and the bulletin board allows you to chat with other members of the Elden Ring. It is common for you and the other players to enter each other’s towns.
    • DOUBLE ACTION POINTS: Not only is action points for attacks from spells used, but the action points for specific combos like being able to use special moves twice in a row is used as well.
    • MASSIVE ENEMY ABILITIES: Your enemies have even more powerful techniques available to them and can use the same attack more than once with different effects. The rarest of them all are the Ultimate enemies, which are able to learn techniques from other classes (in order to obtain even greater offensive or defensive abilities).
    • ALTERNATIVE FORMS OF ATTACKS: Attack forms such as Spear, Hammer, and Thunder are also available.
    • OPPORTUNITY POINTS: Every time you can press on a specific location in the world map, an opportunity point is added. When you collect them all, you can activate a special event.
    • DOMINATION: You can strengthen your own character in a variety of ways by using specific


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      Use a new account when reinstalling.


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    What’s New in Elden Ring?


    NEW ADORABLE CHARACTER : The special beast Ganymede, first escaped from the ancient myth. 


    NEW EQUIP OFTRADEABLE : The Arizingon Blade. 


    CHARACTER CLASSES : 6 new classes were added to the game, including the warrior, magicm, knight, paladin and valkyrie.


    The CHRONICLE EXPANSION : The continent of Efriar, a land populated by dangerous wild beasts. Explore this new environment and learn the impact of a completely different scenario, in the same world of Elden Ring. 


    INVITE FRIEND TO JOIN : Gain the chance to invite an additional character in the story of Elden Ring. 


    GAME ENGINE IMPROVEMENT : The forge environment will be improved to make games smoother and more stable. 


    ENDLESS EXPANSION OF INNOVATIVE GRAPHICS : Expand graphical effects to a new level, adding originality by a variety of techniques of graphic animation. 




    System Requirements:

    Minimum system requirements for the Client:
    Minimum system requirements for the Server:
    Adobe Acrobat Reader version 9.2.0 or later
    HTML 5 / CSS 3 / JavaScript
    Adobe Reader version 9.2.0 or laterAdobe Acrobat Reader version 9.2.0 or later
    Internet Explorer 11
    Mozilla Firefox 45
    Safari version 8.0
    Chrome version 31
    Opera version 25
    Mac OS X 10.7


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