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“The Tarnished Lands” is an action RPG featuring a unique mythology, vivid world, and epic story.

-An Epic Action-RPG Game
The action RPG genre is played from a 3rd-person perspective, giving you the feeling of being in the middle of the action. With a mix of real-time battles and turn-based movement, the action will never get boring. A variety of quests, monsters, and weapons provide a vast fantasy setting with plenty of content.
-An Epic Story
A multilayered story told in fragments. In the Lands Between, the various thoughts of the characters intersect.
-An Artistic World
A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected.

By taking on quests, you will gain experience points. Raise your levels and grow stronger!

Once your first possession is completed, you can get the “The Tarnished Lords Weapon Box” and select any weapon, armor, or magic.

Combine your attributes to prepare for a fierce battle!

Utilize the force of the universal law of gravity to enhance the power of your weapons.

You can explore the majestic fantasy world with your own character.

Combine your armor and weapons to create your own character.

After choosing a playable character, move around the vast and open world. Access dungeons through teleportation to explore a vast world, fight monsters, and level up.

Player’s choice of soundtrack: CD or download
-Open-air arenas: The battle field is alive with music.
-Castle walls: Crush the hearts of enemies with a sound.
-A misty dungeon: Set the mood with beautiful music.
-A bustling city: Sound effects and booming voices.

-Dual-screen display support (Optional)
-Support for smartphones
-Multiplayer support
-Provides various audio contents (For more details, see the list below)
-Frequent game updates



Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Useable Character Development System, Enpower Your Elusive Inner Power
  • The 8th-World – Reverence, Threatened by a New Order, The Never Ending Drama Begins…
  • All Round-Exciting Role Playing Game (RPG) System” that makes you feel like you are actually controlling your own character.
    Feel the mystical power of the legendary Elden Ring in a wide-open, dramatic fantasy world. Only Tarnished Knights may wield this power.
    Become a full-fledged Tarnished Knight who controls an Elden Ring having transcended the surroundings of this world, through your own effort!
    Play using your imagination, and embrace the fantasy roleplaying experience of waiting and experiencing.

    Wonderful Power
    The Elden Ring is the most powerful magical item. Once obtained in another world, it transcends time and space as a holy sword.
    The Mystic Ability that wields the power of the Elden Ring, “Gili’s Elusive Power”
    All purified Tarnished Knights gain the following special skill.
    (Free Slot Open for Upgrade.)
    • Sourceless Power — “Fires from the sword when needed” (8)
    • Presence Transfer — When you transfer your presence through items and enemies, you can deal damage more easily and allude an enemy more easily.
    ○ Sourceless Power’s Presence Transfer gives you the benefit of being a mighty warrior who knows no weakness when you hold the powerful Elden Ring.
    • Sourceless Power’s Presence Transfer also lets you pick up rare and powerful items dropped by enemies during combat.
    ○ Whether it is the Legendary Armor with the super powerful defense effect or the Weapon of Soul Punishing Blizzard, you can obtain the strongest, rarest weapons and gear.

    Full-Fledged Engine
    Character action that fully resizes the Field of Battle, allowing the whole world to be realized completely. The latest lifelike and dynamic graphics, a wonderful fantasy world that you can fully enjoy.
    AI Intensively optimized and AI Full Craft System “Transition AI” that fully supports all the changes of the scene, using the maximum available resources, so that you can enjoy the excitement of battle even more!
    Other New Features that form Your Content:
    ◆ Item management system with a storage box that does not allow storage of items to be created
    ◆ Item stack coming


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    ( )

    October 2012 // GearsofWar
    // Sega Game Journal //


    Venture into the Lands Between with your brother’s corpse.

    In the Lands Between, the mountains of northern Skyrim
    surround a vast desert landscape and rise abruptly.
    Between them, the lands teem with adventure, and
    it falls to you to safely navigate them.

    On the way to the elder’s base of operations,
    you get attacked by enemies. The elder would
    refer to these monsters as “beasties.” You fight
    them off and manage to survive.

    Your brother was once a contract-killer, but
    he was left with a deep and unshakeable attachment
    to his younger sister, Rana.

    While traveling together in the pursuit of a dark
    knowledge, they were ambushed by a beastie.
    Rana was killed, and then mortally injured.
    Before dying she managed to extinguish the life
    sustaining light in a small piece of clothing
    that she was wearing.

    The master elder summons you. His name is
    Diethra, and he tells you that he is in charge of
    a group known as the Six Nations. He says that
    Rana was the daughter of a proud race, and that
    her bravery and skill have been a gift to the
    world. The elder tells you that what has happened
    can be thought of as a rare and sacred crisis
    — and that his group is the only one with
    the knowledge to heal the world. He explains
    that the Nords have not had a spiritual leader
    in ages, and that it is his duty to save them.
    And so you start a quest.



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    Players choose from one of three races, and are able to customize their appearance with their own hair, skin, and clothes color. The game allows players to freely and easily change weapons and armor. All of the game’s graphics have a bright visual quality that expresses the pure fantasy atmosphere of the game.

    Players can customize their character with weapons and equipment, and gain new skills by leveling up.

    Players can interact with many people, and can create and manage their own household.

    Players can freely learn new battle techniques, such as forming a party for cooperative play.

    Players can participate in numerous activities with their friends, such as exploration, cooperative play, and raids.

    Graphics: Beautifully rendered graphics
    Clean, bright, and vivid environments
    An epic drama unfolds as you explore
    A variety of colors and distinct graphics give the game a pure, bright, and vivid feeling.
    <Battle System>
    Party-based battle system.
    Experience epic, thrilling battles with your own companions!
    Develop your party, and lead it to victory.
    Up to eight characters can participate in the battle at the same time!
    Play with friends, gather on a raid, and bond together in your adventures.
    A number of characters cooperate with one another.

    Here is the feature that only Tarnished included!!

    [Self-built dungeon creation]
    The challenge of creating your own room.
    Once you create your own room, you can freely create a boss and create a boss battle.

    The game’s graphics and sounds are kept at a high level, so even if you do not create a room, you can still enjoy the game, and enjoy the world without the burden of designing your room first.

    [I want to create my own room!!

    Create your own room in Fantasy RPG Pioneer, the new fantasy action RPG

    Gameplay: Adventure While Defending Justice?
    The hero also has a purpose
    Even as the story advances, various elements are intertwined and the plot continues to evolve.
    The result is a game that seamlessly fuses together the story of an action game and the drama of a fantasy RPG.

    “I want to create my own room!”

    This game is an action RPG where the player travels through countless episodes and relationships of the main character Tarnished.

    In addition to fighting monsters, the player can actively enjoy a full story full of excitement and drama


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    A fantasy action RPG completely different from most MMOs where you can enjoy a virtual world that’s never ending, even after you log off.
    Thank you for your interest in the Elden Ring.

    In order to develop the game further, please go to the Fantasy Action RPG development wiki page in the Nexon Manual.


    We hope you enjoy this living game that’s filled with all sorts of things, and always welcome your support!



    Please visit the Nexon Official Site – Development Progress[URL=””]Development Progress[/URL] for more information about the game!

    Tue, 27 Apr 2016 12:36:53 +0000Nexon (Support): An English Guide Translator – Light for #CrossChain
    Also translated to Other Languages!

    Hey guys,
    I just uploaded new EGM to the website. The website is EGM Data Translation DLL. You can download it from the website.


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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    OS: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
    Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 RAM: 1 GB
    1 GB CPU: 2.3 GHz
    2.3 GHz HDD: 3 GB
    3 GB GPU: NVidia GeForce 9800GT (128 MB) or equivalent AMD video card
    NVidia GeForce 9800GT (128 MB) or equivalent AMD video card Resolution: 1680×1050
    1680×1050 Software: Windows 7 (SP1), Windows 8.




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