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Lists come in handy for quite the variety of tasks and activities, but there’s also the chance to have multiple entries of the same kind if different individuals add to it, or if it’s just too lengthy to periodically check. Luckily, you can use specialized applications like Word List Duplicate Remover to have surplus items removed.
Clean interface quickly gets you up and running
There’s no setup involved to make the application work, but you do need to install .NET Framework if it’s not already there. On the other hand, you can easily consider the application a portable tool which you can carry around on a thumb drive to always have at hand. Registry entries are not modified during runtime, so the health status of the target PC remains intact.
As far as the interface goes, you find a simple set of features wrapped around a clean window frame, which doesn’t really pose any accommodation problems. Several fields need to be filled in with files representing the list, Anki export file, as well as the output directory. Note, however, that you can only process one list at a time.
Fast setup and processing
The application is only capable of working with TXT files, which is rather disappointing, especially since batch processing is not supported. The original file remains intact, and the output consists of two items, namely the processed file without duplicates, as well as a TXT document which contains detected duplicates.
The entire operation is finished in the blink of an eye, but this is mostly because it only processes plain text. In case you always want to have it at hand, a neat trick is to assign a hotkey command to its shortcut from the Properties panel, allowing launch regardless of your Explorer location.
To end with
All in all, Word List Duplicate Remover is a straightforward tool you can use to get rid of surplus items on a crowded list. Portability adds a lot to flexibility, and the whole process is easy to configure. However, it could have used an option to support batch processing.








Word List Duplicate Remover Crack + Free For PC (April-2022)

Remove duplicate words from your documents.
Are you a writer and you often create documents with a lot of duplicates? Then Word List Duplicate Remover 2022 Crack (WLDR) is the right tool for you. WLDR eliminates duplicate words from your documents. WLDR is fast and easy to use.

Three methods to achieve it. Method 1: Select your files in Explorer, go to the folder of all your documents and delete the files. The entire folder should be deleted. Method 2: WLDR uses the file tag to identify duplicate files. Method 3: Change tags, WLDR won’t find the duplicates any more.

• What is the different between the installer and the exe file?
The installer runs automatically when you click the exe file. You don’t need to run it manually.

• How can I get the installer?
It is available in the DOWNLOAD folder on the second page. If you can’t find it there then you can download the installer from here.

• What is the default language of WLDR?
The default language is English.

• How can I change the language of WLDR?
Go to the WLDR folder and open the WLDR.ini file. Edit the language you want, such as en, fr, etc.

• Can WLDR support batch processing?
Yes, You can batch process it.

• How can I export the list to Anki?
If you selected the correct output format, WLDR will ask you to choose the destination folder for the output. The destination folder can be a zip folder, a word document or a txt file in your default text file, and so on. After you have selected the destination, click “Save”.

• How can I get anki themes?
Go to THIS link to get the themes.

• How can I save the original file?
Click the “Save Original” button and it will open a prompt window. Just input the extension of the selected file and a save dialog will appear. Click “OK”.

• How can I get help?
Click the “Help” button on the main interface, then select “FAQ”. There is a question list on the next page.

If you are running Windows and have been trying to install Word List Duplicate Remover and it keeps telling you that it needs to install some language, then we

Word List Duplicate Remover Free Download [Mac/Win]

Remove duplicate words from Anki
Number of installations: 919
Platforms: Windows
Downloads: 87
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Word List Duplicate Remover Crack Serial Key Download

Word List Duplicate Remover is an add-in for Microsoft Word that automatically eliminates duplicate words in your choice of lists, making them more usable and helping you to prioritize your important list items more efficiently.

Our Duplicate List Remover supports the following lists:

• Anki Flash Cards: for card management, and to help you learn and remember.• Excel: we support Excel worksheets up to version 2011 (the current version is 2013).• Documents: we support document files of all kinds (Word Documents, PDF Files, Rich Text Files, etc) up to version 2011.• Files: we support plain text files (Word files, PowerPoint Presentations, Excel Files, etc) up to version 2011.• HTML: we support HTML files (.htm,.html, etc) and images (.bmp,.gif,.jpg, etc) up to version 2011.• Outlook: we support Outlook 2007 to 2010• Notepad: support up to version 10.0 (notepad.exe and notepad.bak)• Plain Text Files: we support plain text files (.txt,.rtf, etc.) up to version 2011.• Registry: support up to version 4.0 (registry.key files)• Scanned Images: support.png and.gif up to version 2011.

What’s new:
1) Support for Windows 10 & 10.1

2) Added “exit” and “help” buttons to the main menu.

3) Added the ability to save a file to a fixed path (eg., C:\Users\Username\Desktop)

4) Added the ability to automatically create backup files (.bak) when saving a file

5) Fixed a possible crash bug

6) Updated 2 fonts (PT Sans & Times New Roman)

System Requirements:
• Windows 10, 10.1, 7, 8, 8.1 or earlier• 64-bit processor (32-bit edition will not work)• Free hard disk space for installation• Internet access for software updates

App Reviews



12 reviews in total

User Rating

4.1 out of 5

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What’s New in the?

Remove duplicates from a list of files in TXT format.
System Requirements:
Windows XP SP 2.

Anki Review

Anki Review

Word List Duplicate Remover is an application designed to remove duplicates from a list of TXT files. It’s a simple tool which can be considered a portable solution. However, it could have used an option to support batch processing.

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5 Testimonials

I tried to delete one episode twice and just couldn’t seem to get rid of it. I thought I was doing something wrong but when I tried to delete it the second time, the ‘Delete Duplicates’ button was grayed out.

VA:F [1.9.22_1171]

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5 Tips:

1. Remove any item that has been already duplicated from within Anki’s private databases.

2. Keep it simple and just create a hotkey that will execute Word List Duplicate Remover. FILED



System Requirements For Word List Duplicate Remover:

Windows XP or higher
DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card
512MB of RAM
15 GB of free space on hard disk
Controller: Steam Controller
Storage device: USB memory
Other: A headset or microphone
It is suggested to play after a complete installation of the game. You should also install a gamepad in order to experience the game fully.
Preferred method: via steam
Details: Click here for links to the official Epic Games Store page.



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