These 13 Inspirational Quotes Will Make it easier to Survive in the Transfer Movies To Ipad World


Apple’s dev team could use some assistance in making file sharing easier. When you wish to download TV and movies shows to your iPad or another iOS device, you’ll usually have to face iTunes. You know it will result in time loss and restrictions of every kind. To top this – it’s simply difficult to navigate.

Luckily, we found the most effective iTunes alternative that can help upload videos to your iPad without needing iTunes sync. It’s not only more smooth, but it’s the best way to add unsupported media formats to the iOS device. Take a look at the video below and discover more!


WALTR PRO is a third-party app, but it’s amazing in terms of the ability to save videos to iPad, without iTunes.

Since a video is better than 1000 words, we created a screencast to demonstrate how easy it is to download movies from PC to iPad without iTunes.

A Swift Way to download films to the iPad with no iTunes or sync

WALTR PRO will be just as easy as it gets. Much like a black magician’s sleeve, the app can download any movies onto your tablet by simply drag it. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing the creators of the app myself, and I have to affirm that they have done an outstanding job.

To stream a movie to an iPad without iTunes it is a simple process. You have to drop it in WALTR PRO and it will then be placed in your default

You can go ahead and download it today or follow the step by steps guide below to ensure everything is clear.

Here’s how to save video on iPad using iTunes without iTunes using WALTR PRO (wirelessly):

Step 1: Download WALTR PRO app and install it

Click the Download button above to download the WALTR installation file on your PC. Once it’s downloaded, go to the next step.

Launch on the WALTR PRO install file that you recently downloaded from the website and install it. You will be prompt with an onboarding video with the marketing director Josh talking about how the application works in the engaging video.

After watching your video, then you’ll need to input your email address since Softorino has unique trial keys. You are then permitted to download every TV or video show on PC or Mac to an iPad that you like

Step 2: Connect your iPad the computer using USB.

Make sure you have your USB cable prepared and connect the iPad with your PC. This is the very first and last time you’re required to connect the cable as WALTR PRO can put videos on iPad and iPhone wirelessly.

After you connected to your device, go to the settings wheel beneath the app and select “Enable WIFI Connectivity”. Next time you can leave the cable and connect to it to connect your WiFI network.

To test our hypothesis, I used iPad that was that first generation, running iOS 5. I was surprised when WALTR PRO immediately recognized the iPad immediately without issue.

Step 3: Drag and drop the video into WALTR PRO window.

The file format of the movie could differ: AVI, MKV, FLAC, APE, MP4, MP3 – all music & video formats are supported. Once you pushed the file into WALTR you’ll be able to see the progress bar.

Once it’s full – check the Home Videos folder. You can now play the movie on any device. In addition, you are able to do this from Apple’s native player application.

That’s all. Converting is easy.

You can now download the video onto your iPad without iTunes. Of course, WALTR PRO is able to help you save not only video files but also audio files and other mediatoo.

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