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Turn your PC into a musical instrument: midi polyphonic keyboard, with Limouzik application. Realize fantastic improvisations.
You play live like with a piano or a guitar directly on the PC keyboard making tempo or accompaniment vary at your will. With Limouzik, you really perform your favorite songs.
Here are some key features of “Limouzik”:
■ standard 105-key keyboard provides 76 musical keys and 23 adjustment keys;
■ 128 instruments; GM Bite box;
■ custom graphic interface;
■ recording, save, midi-file export for home studio utilization or scores publisher.
■ Compatible with soft synthesizer








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■ Standard 105-key keyboard gives you 76 musical keys and 23 adjustment keys.
■ 128 Instruments with GM Bite box and effects.
■ Full customizable user interface;
■ Close to the real appearance and functionality of a real MIDI
midi key controller.
■ You can record your playing and save and export the recording for home studio utilization
or scores publisher, etc.
■ Compatible with soft synthesizers, acoustic instruments, software (virtual instrument), etc.
■ Compatible with soft synthesizers like Yamaha, Roland, Korg, Casio, Roland,
Gibson, Fender, etc.
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Limouzik Crack is a musical instrument software with real emulation of real
midi instruments. You can have real midi instruments on your computer
in an easy to use manner.
Limouzik Cracked 2022 Latest Version is a great instrument for your home studio, scoring for film,
video, video game or any other real world applications.
Limouzik has been developed by Syned developed company for musicians,
composers and sound engineers.
Limouzik is the best MIDI device software in the world. It emulates real
midi hardware in an easy to use manner in order to use midi instruments
with ease. Real midi instruments makes you feel like playing a real
For real results, use a real midi hardware like Roland, Yamaha or Fender
soft synth.
Limouzik can be used on Windows, Linux (as a virtual device).
Limouzik is freely available as a free download.
Limouzik is available for download on “My Page”:

Limouzik available on “My Page”:

Limouzik available on “My Page”:

Limouzik available on “My Page”:

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Limouzik Crack +

Limouzik is a unique and powerful piece of software, designed to bring yet another quality tool to your PC!
With Limouzik you can:
■ turn your PC keyboard into a real musical instrument.
■ play live like with a piano or guitar directly on the PC keyboard making tempo or accompaniment vary at your will.
■ increase sound quality of playing with a standard PC soundcard, or choose one of the approx. 100 bonus instruments offered by the software;
■ record and enhance your improvising skills in real time using the soundcard microphone.
■ synchronize the tempo and key of the PC instrument and the MIDI clock of your MIDI soundcard.
■ save your midi file to a FLAC or OGG audio format.
■ export from Limouzik to other software such as Sibelius or Cakewalk Sonar.
Remind that Limouzik is the first PC-based software offering a real interface, with a standard keyboard and real control knobs. It is also the first software offering a real synchronized midi sound card!
A real keyboard for real performing!
The “Limouzik” team is composed of an expert musician, composer and sound designer: Dominique Edla who worked in this area of the sound for a good decade at the IBM laboratories in Geneva.
Please have a look at our video and and/or product pages. You can also download Limouzik demo to see its operation.
You can also request a “free trial” version. Limouzik original software is not available, but you can send us your requirements:
Limouzik History:
Limouzik started its life as a software invention. It is a software instrument, which provides access to a real 120 sounds MIDI instrument. The first original project of Dominique Edla, Limouzik started in 2008 and by 2010 it has won a lot of fans and was used by many artists such as the German noise guru Barst.
Limouzik Hardware Requirements:
• Midi Sound Card: Real Sound Card is not required, we recomment to use a midi soundcard with PC speakers or to use an internal sound card, to improve sound quality. The recording will take only the midi sound card and the PC speakers.
• PC: You must have a PC to use Limouzik, it is not compatible with mobile phones.


Limouzik With License Code Free Download

Limouzik Key Features:
1. Realize fantastic improvisations. Playing live on PC and with your favorite songs.
2. 140 real instruments with more to come
3. Great sound quality
4. Great polyphony with polyphony of 32 voices
5. Simple and clear user interface
6. MIDI supports with midi send/recv between different devices
7. (option) Make the instrument match your keyboard. One that is similar to your keyboard.
8. (option) simulate the key signature.
9. (option) simulates the pedal/aftertouch of your keyboard.
10. (option) Multi-presence (Live and Studio)
11. (option) various effects for each instrument
12. Export midi file and standard ogg/wav file
13. Back to track recording(option)
Limouzik produces great sound quality, polyphony, and realism.
This software is non-destructive. Not only can you export your favorite instrument to your computer, you can also export your favorite song from your PC to your portable devices.
Limouzik lets you perform live like with a piano or a guitar directly on your PC keyboard. For the first time, play your favorite songs to the click of a mouse. Perform different performances according to your mood, tempo, or type of improvisation (breath control, scale, arpeggio, accent, etc.).
The 128 instruments includes synthesizers and drum kits. Even if you do not have a “Computer keyboard” you can still use the midi keyboard to play.
Limouzik is compatible with soft synthesizer. You can perform the live studio sessions.
In this program, 120 different instruments are implemented, including the famous theremin.
The remaining instruments will come soon.
■ 140 instruments available (includes 96 rhythm, 16 electronic, 12 bass, 8 lead, and electronic)
■ Polyphony 32 voices
■ 4 onboard effects: Chorus, Compressor, Reverb, Pitch.
■ 128-voice polyphony
■ Produces excellent sound quality with sampling
■ Mature, working well
■ MIDI supports with midi send/recv between different devices
■ Storage (very large)
■ Export midi file and standard ogg/wav file
Limouzik features songbook, allow you to make a song in full with a click of a

What’s New in the?

Limouzik is the first application of polyphonic realization of real instrument:
– 120 musical and adjustment keys,
– The best and the most realistic “Duo Piano” which appears on the screen.
– Memory of your fingering on each key
– Rhythm of tempo for accompaniment.
– MIDI input and output to join with other instruments or external sequencer.
– Manage different instruments by grade of difficulty.
– Various performance modes: piano with pedals, piano with string instrument, piano with wind instrument, piano with accordion.
Limouzik Technical Features:
– Polyphonic keyboard
– 120 musical and adjustment keys
– Midi input and output
– 16 different piano with pedal pedal sounds for FX
– 3 different piano with string instrument sounds for FX
– 2 different piano with wind instrument sounds for FX
– Accordion, bassoon, clarinet, flute and violin
– Tempo
– Create, manage and export up to 100 MIDI tracks.
– Randomize (click on the key, then press left and right shift to choose randomly)
Limouzik is easy to use (took a few hours to program). You can learn in a few minutes how to work it.
Limouzik Technical Requirements:
Windows 98/NT,Windows 2000 or later.
Limouzik Technical Features:
Limouzik is compatible with MS Windows.
Our demo version is designed for individuals. For business we offer 3 versions:
– Limouzik: Midi-Compatible version with 6 piano samples for the midi menu, also can save you your fingering when you perform a score, and can use the sequencer to create a midi file to send to external softsynths.
– Muse: Midi-Compatible version with 6 piano samples plus a Piano FX with 11 piano effects. Also can save you your fingering when you perform a score and can use the Sequencer to create a midi file to send to external softsynths.
– Musme: Midi-Compatible version with 6 Piano samples plus a Piano FX with 11 Piano effects plus the gmbite box Effects. Also can save you your fingering when you perform a score and can use the Sequencer to create a midi file to send to external softsynths.
Limouzik is designed to be an easy to use application.
Limouzik MIDI is compatible with GM Bitebox.
All these applications can

System Requirements:

For those who want to learn more about the game, we have made an excellent resource on the official website.
When the game was announced, there were rumours of being able to play with co-op. This was later confirmed by the company.
After the game was released, there were rumours of a demo coming soon, but this was never confirmed. We have sent out many mails requesting the demo, but to no avail. However, some of our readers have kindly sent in information which has now been added to the official website, which you can view here.

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