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04-13 19:43 PM

Can I ask a question – I’m currently in the NSDL process and I have to prove my non-residency within 31 days. I am a naturalized citizen (born in Ireland to parents) and worked as an engineer in the US, studied in the UK and moved back a few years ago. Will be applying for h1b in 2 months.


04-14 02:28 PM

I have a very similar situation.

I am actually working on a case for an EB5, however the issue is that I cannot get the 140K as soon as I file my 1045 EAD application, they hold on to it for at least 7 days before they release it.

The IRS agent told me my employer should be showing 140K just today.

I am filing on April 25th.

I am wondering if I am missing something and if this is a normal behavior? I cannot seem to find anyone else complaining about this.



04-20 08:28 PM

I am looking to hire a 3-5 year old. My company needs to make sure that the children can speak English, so an ESL tutor or someone who is educated in the subject is a must.

I am looking for my wife, who is from the Philippines, to get here, as she has a degree and is legally allowed to work. She will be able to work (on being able to speak English), but she will be getting paid by the company we hire her through, not directly from our company. She will be receiving a very good income; $45,000 every year.

I will stay here in the US on my own.

I would like to find someone, to eventually come here, to work as an ESL teacher with us for some time, in order to learn English. We will pay them for what we feel is the appropriate amount, but we would expect that they know their subject inside out.

However, I understand that there is a tight market for ESL teachers.

I am not looking for a person to come over here and work for me, after we marry.

We are Filipino, and I believe that the person we would hire for this, would probably want to stay here permanently.


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