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Unlike other tools that try to improve upon Photoshop, Photoshop Elements is designed for the amateur or as a digital photography tool. With Photoshop Elements, you can import and edit a range of files. It’s a very capable program for the average user.

Adobe Photoshop also offers some incredible video editing features that enable the user to clean up, color correct, and enhance videos. However, this software is so deep, complex, and expensive, that many video editor companies have since imitated its features to create applications such as Adobe Premiere Elements.


There are many reasons to use Photoshop, which are listed in the official Adobe website:

• It’s the most widely used desktop image-editing program in the world.

• Photoshop is best known for its advanced features that let you manipulate images and create professional-quality effects.

• It’s a powerful tool for creating 2-D and 3-D designs, including models, animations, and graphics.

• It’s the world’s most flexible graphics application, with the ability to open, transform, edit, and print almost any digital file format.

• It combines highly intuitive, nonlinear editing tools with powerful layers, curves, and paths for precise control of color, transparency, and shape.

• It’s the perfect tool for many Photoshop users, including designers, architects, photographers, and illustrators.

• Photographers who use Adobe Photoshop can easily transfer their images and other file formats to the Portable Network Graphics (PNG) format.

• Its effects options give you a variety of options for masking, painting, and retouching.

• Professional-level photographers, teachers, and graphic designers can create work for the Web, CD, or DVD media with a minimum of technical knowledge.

• Digital artists, designers, and illustrators can create everything from complex architectural drawings and scientific studies to greeting cards, posters, web graphics, product images, and fashion designs.

• Designers can create and enhance 3D models, create text and still-life images, capture and edit video sequences, and simulate true-to-life lighting effects.

• Users can create quick, effective digital reproductions of professional-quality prints, photographs, and art reproductions.

• Photographers can bring their photos to life using realistic-looking maps, objects, people, and backgrounds.

• Photoshop can open any type of file and act like a

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1. Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Elements are synonymous terms

Although Photoshop and Photoshop Elements are the most well-known names for the software, Photoshop Elements is a newer, lighter-weight version of the software and is not simply a stripped down, lighter version of the former. This confusion arose in part because their names sound similar, and so they are often called synonyms.

The problem with these synonyms is that they have been used by Adobe themselves and they can cause some people to believe that the two programs are essentially the same program. For instance, both versions of Photoshop have two major versions called CS and CC.

This means that Adobe cannot really trademark either program to stop others from confusing Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. However, if you search for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements on Google, they are the top results. This shows that Google is in the habit of giving out a lot of traffic to these synonyms, which Google tends to like to do.

If you search for Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, they also appear right away.

The reason these programs are not the same is because Photoshop is the business version, and Photoshop Elements is the consumer version. This means you need Photoshop if you are a professional photographer or designer.

If you are just a hobbyist who enjoys creating GIF images or other type of images, you don’t need Photoshop. You can download Photoshop Elements instead.

2. Photoshop Elements is a lighter version of Photoshop

Photoshop Elements is a less-complicated version of Photoshop, which makes it easier to use.

It can have some features that are only available in the professional version but it cannot have any professional software features. For example, you can create a toner/laser printer directly from Photoshop Elements but you cannot create a professional print job using it.

The reason is that Photoshop Elements is designed to be a consumer version of Photoshop, and not a professional version.

It is available in both the Windows and Macintosh version. Both versions have the following differences:

Windows version only:

Windows version has fewer features than Photoshop but they are a lot simpler to use.

Mac version only:

Mac version is more user-friendly, but lacks a lot of features.

Both versions:

Both versions have more features than Elements, but less than Photoshop. The reason the versions are so different is because Photoshop and Photoshop Elements are designed

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UIActivityViewController does not get dismissed when I cancel the Share

I am using the UIActivityViewController to share something from my app, but when I choose cancel instead of share, I want to stop the progress. What I have tried is that I have added the following code in the prepareForSegue method
UIActivityViewController *activity = [[UIActivityViewController alloc] initWithActivityItems:@[object] applicationActivities:nil];
[self presentViewController:activity animated:YES completion:nil];

[activity setCompletionHandler:^(NSString *activityType, BOOL completed) {
if (completed) {
self.view.superview.layer.backgroundColor = [[UIColor redColor] CGColor];
else {
self.view.superview.layer.backgroundColor = [[UIColor blueColor] CGColor];

[activity setValue:@”Thanks for not sharing!” forKey:@”subject”];

If I choose share, it works fine, but if I choose cancel, the activity does not get dismissed and the view.superview.layer.backgroundColor gets changed. How can I set the cancel value for the activity?


Your problem is that you are forcing the UIActivityViewController to close. This is all that the [activity setCompletionHandler: method

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System Requirements:

Windows® XP Home/Professional or higher
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DirectX® 9.0 compatible
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Also, Windows® XP Home/Professional or higherWindows® XP Home/Professional or higherProcessor: 800 MHz or fasterMemory: 128 MB RAM or higherHard disk: 1 GB available spaceVideo card: DirectX 8

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