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* _Photoshop CS6 and earlier_, which was first released in 2013, requires an Intel processor and Windows 7 or later. Because it was first released in 2013, Photoshop CS6 is a completely new program with a new interface and many new features, including simplified menus and a completely new set of tools for creating layers.
* _Photoshop Elements 10_ requires an Intel processor, Intel Mac, or Windows 7, or later. It does not have a layer-based system, but you can combine layers from Elements and use them in Photoshop.
* _Photoshop CS5_ requires a Pentium 4 or later processor, Windows 7 or later, and Internet Explorer 6 or later.
4. **Choose a file to load, or import**.

The first step is to choose a file to load, or import, into Photoshop. You use the File Open dialog box to select the file you want to open in Photoshop. For new files, there’s a Browse button to start the process. On the other hand, if you want to load an open file, click the Open button.

5. **Choose Save As, and set the file attributes.**

After you choose File Save dialog box and select Save As, you can then choose to set the name, the location, and other attributes of the image. For more on the Save As options, see the next section.

You may be prompted to select a Photoshop plug-in to use with the file. You can choose from a list of the most common options. I don’t use any plug-ins, so I tell Photoshop to use Photoshop’s own default plug-ins without an option to choose from a list of possibilities.

6. **Enter the necessary details and click OK.**

The file opens in your Photoshop window.

## Adjusting the Level of Light and Color

Most of the time, images are not properly exposed. An _image,_ which is a single image file, has _light levels,_ as well as _color levels,_ which define the tone and color of the image. In general, the darker areas of the image are the most important areas in determining the appearance of the final image because they contain the information, and therefore the most detail.

Photoshop helps you adjust the light and color of an image. When you open an image, the levels are set automatically. You can adjust the levels by

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It’s not as robust as Photoshop, but it is intended to be a quick, easy to use, image editing software.

Why use Photoshop Elements?

Adobe Photoshop Elements is a good alternative to Photoshop CC. While Photoshop Elements is free, Photoshop is a much better software for those who are serious about their graphic design work.

Photoshop Elements is ideal for photographers, graphic designers and hobbyists that aren’t necessarily interested in advanced image manipulation features. It’s a good and quick photo editor.

It is very easy to use. With it, you can crop, resize, adjust color and contrast, add effects to your images, and so on.

Best of all, you don’t need to be a graphic designer to use it.

How to use Photoshop Elements?

To start using Photoshop Elements, open it from your computer’s start menu and click on the Start button to open the software. Photoshop Elements includes a set of preinstalled tools.

You can choose any of the tools and the corresponding keyboard shortcuts on the Start or Photoshop Tools menu to perform basic functions.

However, to perform more detailed and advanced editing, you must use the regular menu bar. It has a full set of tools for fine-tuning your photos and images.

To access Photoshop Elements tools, you must click the regular menu on the top right-hand side of the screen, and choose Edit, Edit > Edit Tools > Photoshop Elements 6.

The regular menu also contains a set of controls to manage general functions, like the slideshow tool, pencil tool, lasso tool, etc.

Why use Photoshop Elements?

Photoshop Elements is a fast, simple photo editing software.

You don’t need to be a graphic designer to use Photoshop Elements.

It has a simpler user interface and less sophisticated editing tools than Photoshop CC.

It is more difficult to use than Photoshop, but also very simple.

How to use Photoshop Elements?

To open Photoshop Elements from your start menu, open it and click the Start button. Click on the start button to open the software.

When you open Photoshop Elements, you’ll have the Photoshop Elements 6 Edit tools available.

Choose any of the tools and the corresponding keyboard shortcuts on the Edit > Edit Tools > Photo Editor menu. It will allow you to do basic photo editing tasks.


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title: WdScenariosDescription Property (Word)
keywords: vbawd10.chm16
– vbawd10.chm16 word
– Word.WdScenariosDescription
ms.assetid: 4327d8aa-4ad7-9d58-d2b4-e73733017182 06/08/2017

# WdScenariosDescription Property (Word)

Returns or sets a **String** value that represents the scenario name for the specified scenegraph. Read/write.

## Syntax

_expression_. **WdScenariosDescription**

_expression_ A variable that represents a **[WdScenarios](** collection.

## Remarks

The **WdScenariosDescription** property represents the name of the scenarios for the current document. Scenarios are displayed in the **Scenarios** box for the **[WdScenarios](** collection for the specified scenegraph.

The **WdScenariosDescription** property returns the name of the first scenario for the scenegraph of the specified document. For more information, see [Scenarios collection](../../../vsto/

## Example

This example retrieves the name of the first scenario in the Word scenegraph of the active document.

WdScenarios v; Set v = ActiveDocument.StoryRanges(wdScenariosStoryRanges)
If v.Count = 1 Then

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You can use the History Panel to edit multiple selections using a single stroke. Simply select the red arrow on the panel and it will move left. Next, click the second or third arrow to select the part of the image that you want to edit. You can then do whatever you want with the image. For instance, you can paint new parts, or choose a brush from the Brush Palette.
You can also select the Brush Tool, which works a lot like a pencil when you select it. When you move the mouse, Photoshop will continuously update the selection. Unlike a pencil, however, you can change the size of the brush stroke.
Clone Brush can duplicate a selected area of an image. This is great for fixing minor mistakes, like when you accidentally put in a copyright symbol.
Color Replacement allows you to change a color in a photo using an area of a different color.
Copy & Paste lets you copy parts of one image and past them onto another. For instance, you can use it to copy a portion of an image and paste it onto another.
The Gradient Tool lets you create and edit linear gradients. Simply drag from one color to another to create a smooth transition.
The Hand Tool gives you the ability to draw in a freehand manner. You can paint, remove, or move anything that you like on the canvas.
Brush Tool lets you trace an image. Instead of drawing manually, you can trace an image from another image.
Lasso Tool allows you to freehand draw in any area of your image. You can also select multiple areas and copy them by clicking and dragging the corners of the selection.

The Magic Wand allows you to select any area in the image by filling it with a color similar to the color of the paper on which it was printed. You can then choose to delete the area or fix it using another area of the same color.
The Pen Tool allows you to create many brushes. You can choose from dozens of different brush styles, including textures, brushes, and pens.
The Pathfinder Panel allows you to select parts of an image, and move, delete, copy, or rotate them.
The Spot Healing Brush can fix minor errors. For example, if there is an area of a color similar to a particular background color, then you can use the Spot Healing Brush to eliminate it.
The Healing Brush heals areas of an image. By clicking on a broken spot and dragging to the affected area, the Healing Brush can correct it

System Requirements For Free Download Software Adobe Photoshop:

OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7
Processor: Intel or AMD Pentium 4 1.6 GHz processor with a minimum of 1 GB RAM
Display: 2x Display (720p preferred)
Network: Broadband Internet connection with at least 256 Kbps download speed
OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Processor: 2.0 GHz processor with a minimum of 4 GB RAM
Display: Dual-screen configuration with at least 1080p display
Network: Broadband Internet

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