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Although most of these tips are meant for casual dating (e.g. “nice” first dates), I’ve also included a few tips for the more “serious” dating that you may encounter in your dating life. As a single person with plenty of experience in this world, I think I can help!

1. You’ll get the phone call.


I’ve only ever been on a first date where there wasn’t a call at the end of the night. Maybe your person is shy and doesn’t want to call you. Maybe they just don’t have your number on their phone. Regardless of why they didn’t call, I think you’re overthinking this. You have your number, their cell phone is on their person, they’re in your city. You’re about to go home, get some sleep, and maybe see them again. There will be time to “fess up” later.

You’ll get the call.

2. You’ll get the invite.

Say you want to find a fuck buddy, a hookup, or a serious relationship with a woman. Chances are, she’s going to initiate contact, and she will be perfectly fine with it. A recent poll by Match.com says that 81 percent of women and 76 percent of men say it is not important to ask a woman out first. So when that next phone call comes and you’re invited to meet for a coffee or dinner or whatever, you should just do it. She wants to meet you, so you should do so.

You should definitely be confident, but you shouldn’t be afraid to say yes. This confidence will be displayed in the way you ask her out and take the lead. If she’s cute, you can even choose to take her out for coffee without her even asking, provided you’re comfortable with that.

3. You’ll have sex.

If you’re looking for a fuck buddy or a hookup, there’s a pretty good chance that the first time will actually be your first time. She’ll be the one doing the asking, but if you are a naturally confident person, there’s no reason you can’t say yes and see what happens. You may have the next wildest night of your life.

The chances are really high that you won’t be having sex with her, or at least not right away. You’ll do some fooling around, probably some kissing. Maybe you’ll have sex, but maybe you won https://ladies-russian.com/why-meet-russian-girls-on-best-hookup-apps-and-get-laid.html
1. Keep Your Friends Close

Nothing will make you feel more confident and comfortable than knowing a few people you can call on for a little moral support. Your bestie, your college roommate, your buddy from your bar nights with your buds—it’s good to have friends who will provide moral support when you are feeling a little shy.

2. You Are a Real Person

Of course you are, but you may not know that to a complete stranger. They may say some very complimentary things about you that you may not have noticed—and it doesn’t hurt to be told you are pretty every once in a while. When someone compliments you they are taking a risk. If they catch themselves and change their mind, they may say something else.

3. Take Pictures

One of the easiest ways to get through a conversation is with a photo of your new friend. You will feel less stressed because if they say something you don’t like or compliment you you can ask what they mean by it instead of just feeling bad about yourself. At the very least you will have something to talk to friends about when you see them.

4. Matching Suits

Think about if you are meeting a new person in a place where everyone is dressed alike. How do you know they won’t talk over a shiny new iPhone, or shush you because your t-shirt is sheer? Skip the matching t-shirt part of the rules and stick with something less formal. After all, the people you are trying to impress are doing that for you.

5. Dress to Impress

You are dating a person who likes you. You can’t ever go wrong if you just look the best you can. So, dress to impress. My personal favorite? Pants and a blouse or dress, as this is always very casual and can work with whatever you are wearing.

6. The First Date

You can’t go too wrong with easy drinks, a new restaurant, or an event where you can meet new people. It’s a bit of a self-assurance builder, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. You can also ask your friends to match you up with their friends, if you want a new friend to have a friend of a friend of a friend.

7. Look at Them

If you are still not sure whether or not you�



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