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Tower!3D Download] [hacked]


Tower!3D is a mouse -driven airplane tower simulation, packed with .
Tower!3D Pro is now out! A major international airport located in Frankfurt, the fifth-largest city of Germany, Logan International Airport.
Tower!3D Pro is a simulator dedicated for taking care of the logistics, safety and well-being of general aviation. .

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In recent years, development of a material (photo-curable resin) having a high transparency (transmittance of 80 or more) and a high light-weight (thickness of 20 μm or less) and having cured properties that are suited for use as, for example, a film, a sheet or the like has been desired, and such a photo-curable resin has been developed as for example described in Patent Document 1.
However, in a case where such a photo-curable resin is formed into a thick body, the resin strength cannot be sufficiently obtained. In addition, the resin is cured in a heated state to be swollen by a thermoplastic resin, whereby light or oxygen is absorbed from the outside, and it is known that during the curing, the original form is lost, and the transparency may be degraded. In particular, in a case where the resin is exposed to light for a long period of time, the above-described problem tends to become conspicuous. Thus, if such a resin is used as a film or sheet, it is difficult to obtain the functions as a film or sheet.
As a material (photo-curable composition) which can solve the above-described problems, a resin (filmy) which is obtained by curing a resin (compound resin) which contains a compound obtained by reacting a compound having a silicon-bonded ethylenic unsaturated bond (in this case, the obtained resin is called “filmy”) with a compound containing a silicon-bonded (meth)acrylic unsaturated bond (in this case, the obtained resin is called “compound resin”) is known. In addition, a photo-curable film obtained by curing such a resin has a good transparency and a favorable flexibility, and a good adhesion to other materials, whereby it has been expected that the material is used


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Agregar formato al UITextField con Css

Quiero agregar un icono de un fontawesome a la direccion y a la fecha que se ingresa la direccion de una persona a un UITextField.
Tengo el siguiente código para realizarlo:


Y así lo muestro:

Como puedo hacer que agregue al formato de: “26405 Pájaro”.


Puedes hacer algo como esto:


Le hiciste lo que es buscar de como comienza y termina la dirección, ya con eso te funcionará el placeholder, ya que este es como el hint del input.

Lógico, ya tendrás el placeholder queda una vez que el valor te queden los 3 caracteres y los otro en el placeholder.


Para mostrarte como agregar una imagen con CSS

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