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Whether you like it or not, money is what makes today's world go round. The amount of effort put into doing your job is supposed to determine your income, but each month you have to spend a portion of it on food, utilities and leisure. Luckily, there are various computer applications like YourMoneyGuard that aim to help you better plan your budget.
Visually appealing and easy to use
The application sports a modern design, with visually appealing menus, highlighting areas upon mouse hover, as well as intuitive icons attached to buttons you use to manage your funds. Accommodation is not an issue and if you find the application useful, there's even a portable version to use on the go.
You need to take your time and set up several details in order to fully take advantage of what the application has to offer. One of the main aspects is setting up accounts to determine where your money comes from and where it goes.
Various creation utilities
Nearly every aspect is customizable, with options only giving you the possibility to add new entries, but no preset profiles. This enhances flexibility because you only need to provide name, budget details, date info and notes in case you need to remember something.
Furthermore, in order for the application to know how calculus to be done to provide balance info, you can set up income and expense categories and subcategories. With the help of a reminder utility you can leave time-related worries in the hands of the application to alert you when it's time to pay bills, for instance.
Set up tasks and schedules
Moreover, scheduling is also possible by setting up recurring transactions. With all details and categories you created, you can set when and how money flows, whether to stop after a specific number of occurrences or by the end of a specific date, as well as a few more details.
All of your project elements are displayed in a calendar view in the main window. You can edit them on the spot by clicking the specific day it's in. you can switch to a statistics view with several criteria you can adjust to view only tasks and transactions of interest.
Export image graphs and generate reports
Last but not least, the application gives you the possibility to export graphs and calendar to file, as well as a few document types for numerical data. Additionally, a handful of reports can be generated, which comes in handy for justifying money flow in various scenarios.
To sum it up
All things considered, we can safely state that YourMoneyGuard is a neat funds management application you can also use on the go so you know exactly how money reaches your pocket, as well as when and how it leaves. A large variety of customization options make it suitable for various environments and situations, while the modern and clever design quickly gets you up and running.








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– Instantly send money as a gift or pay a bill.
– With the fast and simple money transfer app, you can send money using your Gmail account.
– We’ll be able to keep you updated about any changes in the app and any future updates.
– Why money-saving apps?
– Why is money management important?
– What are the best ways of tracking spending and saving?
– How to keep track of cash flow and savings and credit balances.
– How to take payments from your credit card.
– How to use PayPal payments.
– How to send money to your friends and family.
– What is the best computer application for tracking your spending and savings?
– What is a money management application?
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1. How do I get my app’s logo to appear at the top of my app store listing?
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Your Money:

Spending Budget

YourMoneyGuard 2022 [Mac/Win]

YourMoneyGuard Cracked 2022 Latest Version is an easy to use and visually appealing applications that helps you manage your finances in an effective way. The application gives you a comprehensive set of tools that make it possible for you to be as prepared as you want or need to be.

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YourMoneyGuard 2022 Incl Product Key

YourMoneyGuard has been designed by experts who have seen the best and the worst in money management. Their goal is simple – they wish to help you get the maximum amount of joy out of your personal finances. What they have come up with is a streamlined interface, built for the modern professional.
You can use this application easily:
– from any Internet browser – as long as you have Java installed;
– from a mobile device – either via the official app or by downloading to a memory card and transferring it to the device.
– even offline if you like.

YourMoneyGuard 10 Free Download

YourMoneyGuard 10 Free Download PC Game is a simple, yet powerful money management software application. It helps you keep track of your personal finances and handle your money efficiently. You can choose between categories to focus on the ones that are most important to you. With your budget in place, you are now free to spend your free time on what you enjoy most.

YourMoneyGuard Game Highlights:

* Budgeting and tracking your money is now easier than ever.
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YourMoneyGuard Mobile 1.

What’s New In?

Manage and track your personal finances. Budget your money wisely. Keep track of all your transactions – even on the go! Whether you’re a starting entrepreneur, have a side business, or are a regular employee, YourMoneyGuard is the solution you’ve been looking for. A truly versatile budgeting and planning tool that never fails to surprise.
★ Access your data whenever and wherever you want.
★ Your personal finance manager is always up to date!
★ Customizable. See all reports at your fingertips!
★ 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
★ No time limit. 30 days money back guarantee.
★ Never miss a transaction. Check your transactions in any situation.
★ Transfer money with the push of a button! With YMG, transferring money between your accounts is a breeze.
★ All transactions are synced. Any changes you make on the website are automatically synced to all your devices.
★ Mobile app. Get your money in the palm of your hand. Keep track of your budget and easily move money between accounts.
★ Spend wisely. Manage your budgeting.
★ Create unlimited transactions & transfers. Unlimited transactions and transfers.
★ Pick the activity for your budget: Expense or Income.
★ You can even see your budget as a graph!
★ Quickly find your budget & transactions.
★ Automatically create recurring transactions based on the date, time, location, or amount.
★ Export your transactions for a different purpose or export the graph of your transactions as an image.
★ Unlimited time and usage. Unlimited time and usage.
★ Quick access to your important financial reports.
★ Bookmark your important transactions.
★ Track the balance of your bank account and instantly see it in YMG.
★ Make money transactions faster. Add money to your bank account and quickly make a transaction.
★ Add money. Easy, intuitive to use. Manage your money efficiently and effectively.
★ View time-related statistics. View the time related statistics.
★ See your balance in your bank account in just two clicks.
★ Useful design, buttons & graphics can be easily changed.
★★★ FEATURES ★★★
– Spend Wisely: see how much you have left in your budget.
– Find your budget: a budget of your expenses or income.
– Hourly breakdown: spend wise every hour.
– Tasks and schedules: create some tasks and set some recurring transactions.
– Reports: which reports are

System Requirements For YourMoneyGuard:

Installer Requirements:
Size: 3.5 GB
Current Version: 1.2.3
Release Date: 2019-11-27
Region: All
Online Support: Yes
Disc Needed: No
CD Needed: No
Once purchased, a small amount of desktop software called a “ClickOnce Installer” is required for the application to install.
To learn more about ClickOnce Installers please visit
If your browser has no ClickOnce Installer listed, please

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