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PdfMergeSplitTool is a simple application that allows you to split or merge PDF files. Various options can be set in order to specify which pages to process. Such as page ranges, or the option to process even or odd pages only of a specific page range.
Also, it can be specified only to process pages containing a specific text in them and it can also be specified to process only every n th page.
The documents can be split , along with the previous options, based on their bookmarks (the bookmark level can also be chosen). Documents can also be split after a number of continuous blank pages.
Pdf documents can also be merged with images of 30 different image formats.  Document properties such as title, author, subject and keywords can be set.
Also, the documents can be encrypted with an owner and user password. A custom document header and footer can be set and positioned, or a custom header or footer image can be specified.
The application is fully integrated into the windows shell and can be easily executed by selecting the Pdf Documents in windows explorer and then right clicking on them.
The documents or folders containing documents to be processed can easily be selected or added with a simple drag and drop on the application screen. PdfMergeSplitTool can also be executed from the command line.










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1- Split pdf documents based on page ranges
2- Merge pdf documents together
3- Add images to the merged document
4- Print merged document
5- Add metadata to the merged document
6- Encrypt the merged document
7- Set/view header and footer
8- Set/view custom header and footer
PdfMergeSplitTool will display the merged document in an output window. It will also create a new folder for the processed documents.  In the output folder, the names of the files are changed in order to retain the name of the original document.  The files will be in png format.
You can also open the output folder and the output folder can be exported in a single rtf document.
New Features since version 2.0 (at the time of writing):
1. PDF Split and Merge – The output file is now automatically saved as a PDF file.
2. PDF merging – Added the feature to merge PDF documents. You can use this to merge a few PDF documents into one file. You can also use this feature to convert a single PDF file into multiple PDF documents (like to print many copies of a single document into multiple pages)..
3. PDF document encryption – PDF documents can now be encrypted. You can specify the password you want to use to encrypt the document. The application can encrypt the entire file or just the pages you want to encrypt. A password is required at the time of running the application so the pdf will not be accessed unless the password is in place.
4. Document Properties – PDF documents can now be set by specifying the name and other properties. You can edit the properties of all the pdf files by specifying the name of the output folder.
5. Print – PDF documents can be saved as printable images (in png format). The application will show the number of printable images available and it will also allow you to specify the print resolution (in page) and it will allow you to specify if you want to print even or odd pages. This setting is automatically applied. The saved images can be printed with the default windows printer or using any other printing application.
6. Custom Header/Footer – You can now specify the position of the header or footer on a pdf document. This is useful to add custom text to the header or footer.
7. Set/view header/footer – You can now specify the header and footer of the

PdfMergeSplitTool Crack For PC

Split a PDF file. PDF file can have additional pages such as blank pages, index pages etc.  The application supports a simple two page split.
The first page will be a copy of the remaining pages, the second page will be split into to additional pages, depending on the first page settings, the third page will be split into to additional pages etc.   In PDF pages can also be merged into a single document, by setting the mergemaxpages parameter.
PdfMergeSplitTool supports regular (or continuous) and random page splitting. In regular page splitting each page is split or merged, only the first page is copied. In random page splitting each page is split or merged with one of the options randomly, selected through the pagershuffle option.   Page ranges can be selected. Then only the pages between the selected start and end page will be processed.  The application supports regular and random page splitting with a select page range option, so the pages from the start page to the selected end page will be processed.   Through the pageshuffle page selection, only a subset of pages will be processed (either the odd pages, the even pages or the number of pages specified by the user).  Also, you can specify the pages that are supposed to be processed either through the pagesToProcess parameter or the pagesize parameter. In this case, pages that are not selected will be skipped.
Merge two PDF documents.  The documents can be merged into a single PDF document, by setting the mergeMaximum parameter.  This option will not add the PDF documents together.  To add the PDF documents together, make sure to have the split of PDF documents and then merge them through a separate PDF document merge tool.
Apply encryption on PDF files. You can encrypt the PDF files after the split, by setting the encryptMaximum parameter.
PdfMergeSplitTool Features:


choose an image type, the 32bit  and the 64bit options are available
the 32bit and the 64bit options are available

cryptPassword, sets the password used to encrypt the file.
customHeader and customFooter, you can specify header and footer settings that will be used for the created document.
encryptMaximum, the maximum number of encrypted pages that will be added. Defaults to 2000.

grid style, defines the position of the header and the footer.
header, footer

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It is basically a simple windows application which can be used to convert PDFs into one or multiple files which can be used for further processing, like sending by email and as images, which can then be viewed as a simple document viewer (like the windows application PDF file viewer).
PdfMergeSplitTool also allows you to merge multiple PDFs into a single PDF or multiple PDFs into a single PDF by using our proprietary PDF splitting algorithm (refer to Split (PDF) file technology article section for more details).
You can also define your own PDF bookmarks which can be used in the newly merged PDF or the target PDFs.
In addition, PdfMergeSplitTool allows you to encrypt PDFs with an owner and user password. PdfMergeSplitTool can also be used to extract and replace specific text in an existing PDF.
With the PDF Splitting technology you can choose to process pages, bookmarks, blank pages, pages containing a specific text or every nth page in a page range.
PdfMergeSplitTool can also be used to merge page ranges of different PDFs.
PdfMergeSplitTool Additional features:
– Split the documents in PDF based on your defined bookmarks, or page ranges or the number of continuous pages between the defined bookmarks or page ranges.
– Merge multiple documents into a single PDF (with the possibility to merge inside a merge password) or separate multiple documents into multiple PDFs.
– Encrypt the documents with an owner and user password.
– Add a custom document header and footer to the document.
– Define a custom document header or footer image.
– Define the optional fields like title, author, subject and keywords.
– Read the title, author, subject and keywords of the PDF files.
– If you want to be extracted and replace specific text (like text in the title, author, subject and keywords of the PDF file) in an existing PDF, you can save the PDF before doing so.
– Add PDF metadata (position, zoom etc.) to the newly created PDF.
– Show the page and bookmark position of the PDF documents.
– Show the selected or the added PDF documents in a folder or the Windows Explorer.
– You can define your own PDF bookmark file format.
– You can also define your own PDF bookmark file key (for a better usability).
– Add, move or remove selected PDF documents when processing them.
– Open multiple selected

What’s New In?

T his Pdf merge tool is used to merge several PDF documents into one document, in a single run.
This tool has all the options of the PdfSplitTool but added with a PDF merging feature.
Some options can be configured to execute only on a particular page range, like a whole document, a range of pages or even a single page.
You can also merge multiple PDFs into one PDF.  The files or folders containing the documents to be merged can be selected or added via drag and drop.  The documents or folders to be merged can be selected for merging either based on their bookmark or on a level. 
The PdfMergeSplitTool also allows you to process the odd or even pages of a particular range.  Also, the text in pages can be checked for a particular string.  In case of error, the error message can be stored and you can continue with the process.
You can choose to merge the files with a custom header or footer or without a header or footer.  Also, the files can be encrypted with an owner password and a user password. You can also specify a custom header or footer position or you can use an image of your choice as a header or footer.  Also, you can specify a header or footer for all PDF files in a folder, by selecting the folder and clicking on the process button. The files to be merged can be selected and added with a drag and drop option.
Minimum System Requirements:
* Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10
*.NET Framework 4.5
* Adobe Acrobat Reader DC or later
* PDF files to be merged must be on the same location
* First page of the PDF file must contain a PDF/A metainformation, version 1.3 or later.

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System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7
CPU: Intel Core i5-750 or AMD Phenom II x4 945, 3.2 GHz
GPU: NVIDIA GTX 570 or AMD Radeon HD 7870, 1GB
Additional Notes:
CPU: Intel Core i5-760 or AMD Phenom II x4 980, 3.8 GHz
GPU: NVIDIA GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7970



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