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Gathering and analyzing forensically data from various types of devices is a highly specialized activity that is not only fit for professionals, but also requires some dedicated tools that can be hard to find. Nonetheless, one of the applications that are tailored specifically for this purpose and which aims to provide all the necessary functions to get the job done is Paraben's Device Seizure.
As soon as you start the application and establish a connection with a supported device you will surely notice that the program was designed with practicality in mind rather than good looks. The features are easily accessible and you will be ale to start the data acquisition procedure on the spot.
As soon as the device is scanned, you can select the content categories that you want to transfer onto the PC. It is also possible to preview the content in textual as well as hexadecimal (HEX) form from the special preview area that is available on the right side of the main window.
Some of the most often used commands are neatly added to the right-click menu, so you will be able to bookmark a specific resource located on the connected device, view its properties or export it to a location of your choosing.
Graphics and multimedia content can be readily copied to the computer, just like other types of data are suited for export in XML or LInk2 formats. Batch transferring is also supported and if you need to have a report for a specific task generated, this is another one click operation.
Thanks to its impressive support for a plethora of devices and to the well thought feature set, which includes a Palm emulator, a SIM cloner and a case converter, Paraben's Device Seizure succeeds in making the job of data analysts more easier. Some polishing around the edges would be desirable in order to make the application attractive for more users.








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What’s New in the?

To launch Paraben's Device Seizure, you need to first install the program on your computer. The setup file can be downloaded for free from the official website. It is then merely a matter of unzipping the file and launching it.
When the program is launched, the main screen is a welcome screen that provides information about the license, the supported devices and the version of the program. The users are then asked to connect the device that they wish to use. Once the connection has been established, the program's interface will provide all the information that is needed to start the data acquisition procedure.
The main window is divided into three sections that provide the information about the selected device, the content categories that have been selected, as well as a preview area that makes it possible to view the content in textual as well as hexadecimal (HEX) form.
One of the most useful functions is the possibility to search for specific content. The other supported functions include printing, creating a PC report, copying graphic and multimedia content, or cloning the SIM card, just to name a few.
Most of the functions can be carried out on the main interface, although the device information, for instance, must be accessed through the menu.
Once you start the process, you will find yourself in an area that provides a columnar format for all the items that you selected. A special row of icons is available to navigate among the content. You will notice that the selection process is really fast, which will save you a lot of time in the long run.
Paraben's Device Seizure is a good choice if you are looking for a fast, efficient and simple solution for analyzing data that is extracted from different devices. The program is available for both Windows and Mac platforms.

System Requirements:

Supported screen resolutions –
800×600 (the best)
1920×1080 @ 2560×1440

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