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AutoCAD Crack For Windows as a desktop application is primarily used by designers, draftsmen and engineers for creating 2D and 3D drawings. The application can also be used for specialized tasks such as mechanical design, architectural design, civil engineering, and visualization of computer-generated imagery.

The software has two applications: AutoCAD for Windows, and AutoCAD LT for Windows and macOS, each of which has specialized features and uses. AutoCAD LT offers a simplified interface and lack of legacy software integration, but at a much lower price. As of February 2019, AutoCAD LT is currently priced at US$29.00.

AutoCAD has a network-based application called AutoCAD Cloud, which enables users to access their drawings on a tablet or computer with no installation.


AutoCAD was first released in 1982 as the first software product to use the newly introduced Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), which greatly improved the speed of computing graphics. The original release was only available for the Apple II family of computers.

In 1983, Autodesk co-founder and chairman Ben Shneiderman revealed that Autodesk had spent a total of $250,000 to develop the first 3D drafting application. At this time, a drafting package needed to have at least a second-year college education to use it. Shneiderman said that they spent a lot of time perfecting it so that it would not be as complex as other drafting packages available.

AutoCAD has evolved since its 1982 release. The major upgrades include:

1983: The first 3D modeling package was released.

1985: The first native installation on the IBM PC platform.

1986: The first public release of AutoCAD as part of the AutoCAD MicroEditor.

1989: The first file compression technology was released.

1991: The first version of the application for the Macintosh platform.

1992: The first version to support 3D modeling.

1995: The first commercial version for the web.

1996: The first version to support 64-bit floating-point rendering.

1997: The first version to allow for the creation of parametric 3D solid models.

1998: The first version to support complex parameter and data layers.

1999: The first version to allow for interlocking parametric solids.

2000: The first version to support Object Linking and Embedding (

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, a tool for converting DGN files to a variety of other formats including AutoCAD
The DXF file format, which was introduced in AutoCAD V2, was adopted as the standard for interchange of technical drawings
DWG files as well as MIF format are used for engineering drawings
The DWG format is designed for the exchange of computer-aided design (CAD) drawings
The MIF file format is designed to be human-readable
DGN is an older proprietary format which is sometimes used as a substitute for DWG.

Various applications can be written in AutoCAD. The most well-known are:

Among others, a number of menu customization programs have been developed for AutoCAD:

Uses of AutoCAD include:

Other AutoCAD features and applications

AutoCAD LT is a reduced cost version of AutoCAD. It has similar but fewer features as AutoCAD, with a similar graphical interface and a reduced feature set but has a reduced price tag and limited supported languages.

Partner Solutions

AutoCAD Architect

Autodesk Architecture 360: Architecture360 is a PC-based architectural design tool for AutoCAD that allows users to design and produce 3D models, virtual architecture, generate and manage BIM, and provides a foundation for other design tools. It can be used to design houses, offices, and interiors and to create parametric drawings. It can be used to design multi-family, industrial, and multi-use buildings. It includes a suite of parametric models for small-to-medium sized residential projects that contain detailed architectural information and can be used to create building plans and elevations. Users can manipulate and coordinate models to produce and edit BIM models, and analyze and measure the project. It has built-in support for automatic printing, floorplans, and 3D views.

AutoCAD Industrial
AutoCAD Industrial is a software package for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) engineering, for which the product is referred to by its native industry-specific name, Plant CADD. It is used to design and manage product development programs. These programs include mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design, assembly planning, ordering, manufacturing, and quality management. It integrates with AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT and can also be used with other programs.

AutoCAD Electrical

Autodesk Electrical360

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On your keyboard, press and hold Ctrl+Alt+Delete, then press:


What’s New In AutoCAD?

Combining these two tools, you can now import a part of your drawing into another drawing and edit that drawing.

Screenshot (top) shows user importing a component from an existing drawing. This is typically done to correct or change a complex drawing. (bottom) shows another user importing feedback into a design.

Screenshot: Imports from paper and PDFs (top) and from another CAD file (bottom)

There are four features to consider: Import, Markup Assist, Markup Import and Markup View.


Import your feedback into a drawing

Currently there are two modes available, Paper and PDF.

To import feedback using Paper Mode, you can print the feedback page and place it onto a background sheet. From there, you import it into AutoCAD as you would import any other shape into a drawing.

Paper mode also has an option to download the entire paper document as a PDF (1.5 meg PDF). This can be helpful if you need to reference the paper document in AutoCAD, or if you need to scan the original document.

To import feedback using PDF mode, you can use the “Import to AutoCAD” button, located in the bottom right corner of the import dialog.

PDF mode has an option to export the PDF to a file on your desktop.

1. Create your paper drawing and layout.

2. Print the paper drawing.

3. Place the printed drawing onto a background sheet.

4. Use the import to CAD option.

Markup Assist

Quickly edit your work and incorporate feedback

To quickly incorporate feedback into your designs, open your drawing in the Markup Assist dialog and change the tool to “Assist”.

1. Create your original design.

2. Open the drawing in Markup Assist.

3. Choose to change a shape or change the color of a component.

4. Click the desired design.

5. Click “Finish” to finish editing and return to the drawing.

Markup Assist changes the tool to “Assist” and turns on the “Markup” option.

Markup Assists changes the tool to “Assist” and turns on the “Markup” option.


System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Windows XP/Vista, 8GB of RAM, 1.5GB of free disk space
NVIDIA GeForce 7800/8500 GS / ATI X1950
DirectX 9.0c
Up to four players.
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