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Aksi IDE comes in handy to any any users who want to quickly manage their PHP projects or to get familiarized with this programming language.
In addition to the syntax highlighter and checker, the application also comes with an FTP explorer and an internal web server.
You can try the portable version of the application here.








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Aksi (Application for PHP) is a software development and management tool written in Qt.
With its remarkable simplicity, Aksi offers a variety of features and tools, including an interactive PHP editor, an FTP explorer, an interpreter, a syntax checker, a code analyzer, a debug assistant, a debugger, a code template system, and a browser-based interface.
The application can be used to develop PHP scripts, HTML pages, Web services, and other web applications, or even desktop applications and plugins.
Aksi is a modern, simple, and powerful application to develop and manage your PHP projects.
If you’re looking for a cross-platform solution, Aksi is the perfect choice.
With Aksi, you can quickly manage your PHP projects or get familiarized with this programming language.
Aksi uses the PHP interpreter, also called Zend Engine, to execute PHP scripts and enable interactive debugging.
This means that Aksi is always aware of your PHP version and will use the latest features of your PHP installation.
Aksi takes advantage of the Aksi Framework and comes with a wizard to install a set of frameworks and tools for you.
Once you’ve installed it, you can easily access to the Aksi internal server to edit and run the files.
Aksi does not require any additional downloads or installations to run.
Download the software here.
Run it and accept the license agreement.
Select the installation type (Windows or Linux) and the number of available installations.
Select the language version (English, Japanese, and Spanish).
At the end of the installation, you can run Aksi.
You will see a console where you can start the application.
You can also change the location of the Aksi files in the settings.
Aksi is released as Open Source under the MIT license.
You can use, modify, and distribute this application as you like, even if you’re not a developer.
You can find Aksi’s source code here.
Supported PHP versions:
Aksi supports PHP version 5.4.0 or later.

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Aksi IDE [Latest-2022]

Aksi IDE is a cross-platform IDE that brings out the power of the web. It is fast, rich and feature packed. It allows the users to run, debug, watch, edit, compile and even create scripts directly from the IDE. It also features a great workflow to speed up your work and allows you to work more efficiently by providing you with an efficient editor, integrated FTP explorer, GIT integration and more.
Aksi IDE contains the following features

Smart developers and new PHP developers will definitely find that Aksi IDE is a good IDE for beginners. With this PHP application, you will have the possibility to learn and master the language quickly. Moreover, we can’t ignore the fact that Aksi IDE offers a simple way to start programming in PHP.

Well, it is clear that the features offered by Aksi IDE are not limited to those who are new to the programming language. They will allow you to efficiently work on existing projects, in a secure and easy way. was desirable for the same reason that it is desirable for children to know that they are adults.

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What’s New In?

Aksi IDE is a useful and handy tool for PHP developers, HTML coders and designers. It provides a complete IDE for the majority of the PHP syntaxes and HTML tags used in web projects.
The application includes syntax highlighter, FTP explorer, support for plugins and features like DITA document preparation, an internal web server and a pretty useful project manager.

PHP Rocks!

If you’ve been looking for a way to test your PHP skills in a simple manner, this is your app.
It’s a simple, browser-based, PHP test environment which allows you to write a PHP script and test it with various syntactic checkers and an online syntax highlighter.
What’s more, all that you can test is your knowledge of PHP. It contains no statements or commands, just basic coding examples.

CakePHP PHP Framework

CakePHP is a rapid web application framework built with a sharp focus on simplicity, clarity and productivity. It is built on a modular design that provides a clean and easy to use API.
CakePHP is the framework you’ve been looking for.

CakePHP Test Tools

CakePHP Unit Testing Framework

CakePHP Unit Testing Framework allows you to unit test your applications in a fast and easy manner. It uses PHPUnit, a full-featured unit testing framework for PHP. In fact, CakePHP Unit Testing Framework is a port of the CakePHP Code Sniffer to PHPUnit.

CakePHP Validation Library

CakePHP Validation library is a powerful set of classes used to validate forms and provide reports of validation errors.
CakePHP Validation library is not a framework. It is simply a collection of classes that uses CakePHP’s Form and FormHelper classes to provide a natural validation interface.

CakePHP Component

CakePHP Component is a library that allows you to re-use code across all your applications.
It does not offer any functionality per se, but it allows you to re-use code quickly and easily.

CakePHP Notification

CakePHP Notification is a simple PHP library for displaying notifications to users. It can be used to create task reminders, email notifications, etc.

CakePHP Validator

CakePHP Validator is a PHP library for validating your forms and it’s easily integrated into CakePHP applications. It uses PHPUnit’s Expectations API to automatically test your form’s fields.

CakePHP Component Test Framework

CakePHP Component Test Framework is a PHPUnit testing framework that allows you to test your code in terms of its components.
Using the CakePHP Component Test Framework, you can test any component in your application in a mockable, flexible way.


System Requirements:

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