67 Adorable Fairy Garden Accessories Ideas

67 Adorable Fairy Garden Accessories Ideas (45)

Fairies aren’t just the stuff of children’s fantasies, they represent a much-needed dose of whimsy and “what if” in this modern age. You don’t have to give your home the full enchanted forest treatment to add a touch of magic to your dwelling; these 67 fairy garden ideas are easy to assemble and small enough to catch the eye of only the most observant guest. From tiny gardens to potted abodes, these fairy garden projects are sure to delight and inspire a special kind of summertime charm.

Repurposed materials, easy to find items, and simple how-to instructions make these fairy crafts as breezy to assemble as they are enjoyable, and are a perfect way to include and introduce youngsters to the fabulous world of home decor. Broken or mismatched teacups and planter pots, unused household accoutrements, craft store bargains, and various flora & fauna make up the fundamental fairy garden foundation, with no item too small to accommodate your elfin inhabitants. No matter the size or scope of your space, these 67 ideas prove there’s always room for a fairy tenant. And with long summer evenings ahead of us, you may just catch a glimpse of something altogether unworldly in your outdoor plot!


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